Off The Shelf Reports

We have a rich repository of global research reports across multiple industries. Our dedicated team of analysts track various industries on a continuous basis. The findings provided in these reports include industry trends, country level market size and growth, high level analysis, factors impacting the market growth in a positive and negative way, challenges faced by leading and emerging players, the composition of market, shares held by prominent players, strategic moves adopted by the industry players and so on.

The insights presented in the reports are validated through extensive primary and secondary research. Theses regionalports are designed and executed in a way that they are useful for all the participants of ecosystem. We compile reports primarily in English, however, we do offer reports in regional languages as well.

Bespoke Research

We happily cater to tailormade research requirements, which are specific and niche in nature. We design a solution which is in-line with the client’s specific requirements, it could be analysis of single product at a global level or multiple products at a country level or similar specific requests. Analysts across various regions worldwide help us in retrieving root level insights required for personalized research. The dedicated research team helps clients in addressing even smallest of the concerns in a systematic way , which helps in executing workable business decisions.


insightSLICE has a dedicated team of consultants, which representsthe right blend of technical and management skills. The consultants get involved in an assignment right from designing the hypothesis to executing the project to hand-holding post delivery of project. Our team assists our clients innumerous ways such as opportunity assessment, competitive intelligence, product benchmarking, new product development, go-to-market strategy, pricing strategy, supply chain management assessment, vendor selection and management, portfolio management, branding and marketing. The consultants work in close co-ordination with clients in order to get a real time feedback and ensure desired outcome. Based on our recommendations, our clients make crucial business decisions and achieve desired results, this in turn helps us win the trust of our clients.In order to cater to financial institutions and private equity investors, we have a specialized team for collating a feasibility study which can be submitted as a bankable report for fund raising.

Market Survey

The surveys form an integral part of the research objectives. ABC does have a separate arm for conducting market surveys. Our reach involves but is not limited to –

- Customer satisfaction survey
- Consumer buying behaviour
- Employee assessment
- Conference feedback survey
- Product acceptance assessment
- Advertising reach/testing
- Product pricing perception

We have the capability to gather data through CATI, CAPI and CAWI as well as field surveys. We are equipped with contemporary infrastructure required for conducting interviews through above mentioned tools.

On-site Research Assistance/FTE/ORA

Research is an on-going and an integral need of every organization, irrespective of the size and operating industry. We offer on site research support through our industry specialized team of analysts.We extend research support which is aligned with the client company’s goals. It is easy and convenient for the client to monitor the research progress in real time, which helps in optimizing the entire process. We offer On-going Remote Assistance (ORA) service in cases wherein on-site research support is a challenge. In this model, we assure streamlined communication between client and dedicated team of analysts. The research objective of client is understood by the team of analysts in a face to face kick-off meeting which takes place either at the client site or our office. The analysts work as per client’s requirement and share findings, in form of a report, on a periodic basis. This dedicated team of analysts is not assigned any other project while they are engaged in ORA model for a specific client. In a way we become the research partners to our client. This model is both time and cost efficient and is preferred by organizations which need critical insights for decision making.


Companies offering a wide product portfolio often end up exhausting their research budget in purchasing multiple off-the shelf research reports. We have a budget friendly option for our clients, which is subscription model. The ease of this model is access to multiple off-the shelf reports at a discounted price and extended post purchase analyst assistance. Apart from this, we also offer an opportunity to get personalized research services which would enable client to get a solution to their ad-hoc research requests. Every client would be assisted by a dedicated account manager who will design a unique package and work out the best pricing. The pre and post subscription call assistance would be free and the client would also be able to have an access to analyst briefing session, that would address their concerns, if any. The client will be able to choose reports across various domains. There would also be choice of country level specific studies. We would be sharing the executive summary documents of related reports for free. Announcement of upcoming research studies would reach the clients on a regular basis.

Primary Research

There is a designated team for executing primary interviews. Projects which have specific requirement of multiple interviews, need continuous efforts right from identifying the audience to sourcing interviews, conducting them and finally collating the inputs. insightSLICE ensures the authenticity of information gathered through primary research.

Competitive Intelligence

The dynamics of every industry vary based on activities of the players in that particular industry. Every industry participant including established leader as well as a new entrant has an objective of knowing how competitive the market is. Apart from the competitive nature of market, a participant would also be interested in understanding the strategies implemented by their close competitor. This niche offering of insightSLICE helps the industry participants in staying informed.

Company profiles

As a part of regular activity, we track various product and service industries. During this process, an important learning involves knowing about the players in every industry. We have a repository of company profiles across multiple industries. A company profile provides an overview of the business segments, leadership, geographic reach, strategic alliances and financials. We keep updating the profiles on a regular basis in order to capture latest developments. Apart from the profiles present in the repository, we accept customized requests in order to match our client’s requirements.

Start-up Feasibility

An important offering in today’s business environment at a global level is the feasibility of a start-up concept. We have a separate team of consultants who hold a rich experience of assisting start-ups right from conceptual designing phase through funding through commercialization through consumer feedback. The nature of assignment in this case is unique. We offer hand holding to our clients along with a recommendation report. This gives us an opportunity to support our clients throughout the process. The recommendations include and are not limited to choice of location for manufacturing/assembly unit and sales offices, launch of product/service, technical collaboration, distribution channel and so on.

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