Air Cargo Security Equipment Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecasts, 2022-2032
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The global air cargo security equipment market size is estimated to reach USD 28,786.5 Mn by 2024.

The global air cargo security equipment market is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 6.2% through 2024.

Construction of new cargo hubs, process efficiency which contributes to the growth of the air cargo security equipment market.

The major active players are ADANI, American Science and Engineering, Inc., C.E.I.A. S.P.A., EAS Envimet Group, ENSCO, Inc., Gilardoni S.P.A., L3 Security & Detection Systems, Nuctech Company Limited, Rapiscan Systems, and Smiths Detection Inc.

The air cargo security equipment analysis market has been assessed for the years 2019 to 2032.