The world is converging on account of digital transformation. The introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and edge technology makes automation conceivable at process level. The capability of sensors has helped the industries in data retrieval, transfer and monitoring. Digitization has taken this ahead by leaps and has consequently disrupted the market. The industries across process and discrete categories are happily introducing automation by deploying required hardware and software, at affordable price. Automation finds application right from training through simulation to predictive maintenance for asset failures. A hassle free approach provides more bandwidth to the engineers for innovation. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning and digital twins makes a leeway to the technicians. Collaborative Robots (Cobots) is an interesting inception in the industrial domain. The cobots have proved increased efficiency and safety. They have secured a safe position in the market for future. All the conventional core methods such as printing, welding and others have been revolutionized through automation. Analysts envision a more consolidated and integrated market in this space.

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High accuracy, reliability, and affordability offered by industrial robots, rising demand for industrial robotics from small and medium industries, and intense competit
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Rapid urbanization and the growing need for energy efficient heating solutions and ventilation systems are some of the key factors bolstering industry growth. Additiona

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