Softgel Capsules Market

Softgel Capsules Market - Global Market Share, Trends, Analysis and Forecast, 2023-2032
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We have segmented the global softgel market by geography in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, and MEA regions in our extensive study.

The covid-19 pandemic has shown a positive growth on global softgel capsules market due to increased usage of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical therapies and health awareness during this period.

Aenova Group GmbH, Catalent Inc., Capsugel (Lonza), Curtis Health Caps, Captek Softgel International Inc., Delpharm Evreux, Fuji capsules Co., Ltd., Guangdong Yichao Biological Co., Ltd., Eurocaps Ltd., Sirio Pharma Co., Procaps Group, Patheon, and Estrellas along with several others.

There is strong anticipation for the growth of the softgel capsules market in the North American region during the forecast period. The growing prevalence of chronic diseases, increasing geriatric population, and acknowledgment of the benefits of softgel capsules in the general population will be the primary factors influencing the rapid growth of this sector in North America.

Increased support for the usage of softgel capsules, rising use of softgel capsules in health supplements, rise in consumer acceptance of vegetarian softgel capsules, rising geriatric population, governmental awareness, and expenditure growth, increased e-commerce-based shopping, and established supply lines are together enabling better growth of Softgel Capsules Market across the globe.

Based on material, the softgel capsules market is segmented into Gelatin, Starch, Pullulan, Cellulose, HPMC and others.

Softgel capsules are a type of capsules that are mainly made from organic consumable substances like gelatin, pullulan, HPMC, potato starch, pectin, etc. Softgel capsules enhance the absorption time of poorly soluble formulations that are present in semi-solid or liquid form.