Meeting Technology Requirements

Published On : Oct 2019

Powered by the twin benefits of scalability and expanding applications, silicon has been the face of semiconductor and electronics industry for over three decades. The industry has fulfilled the commitments to innovation for product development throughout the supply chain.

The industry has long been in expansion phase to cater the growing need of miniaturized components and systems, and manufacturers are still investing in the research and development of new products and services. Though the industry is dominated by the presence of large semiconductor manufacturers, the industry has witnessed prominent contribution by small manufacturers owing to their greater risk appetite and focus on new technologies compared to large manufacturers.

With emergence and adoption of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, the number of connected devices has escalated exponentially. With a potential investment of over US$900 Bn. during coming year, the IoT applications are ranked by semiconductor manufacturers on top of delivery list.

Breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has put semiconductor industry participants on their toes with an eye to develop sustainable hardware. Small and new players in the market arena are anticipated to witness swift adoption advanced technologies for development of sustainable components.

On the contrary, the market leaders are exposed to market volatility due to current cross border trade headwinds and falling component prices. However, the risk for semiconductors giants is anticipated to be mitigated by the expanding data center and automotive applications during the foreseeable period.